Stylish Pebble Watch Straps

In the 1570’s women pioneered the way wearing watches attached to wrist bracelets. These were initially considered very unreliable so the pocket watch, the first portable time piece, which was invented in 1504 by Peter Henlein led the way in popularity for decades. For a long time the consumer wasn’t comfortable with the version worn on the wrist. Today, we rarely carry pocket watches and the currently popular watch strap just like your wardrobe does make a fashion statement. Pebble watch straps fit the Pebble brand watches and come in a wide variety of materials from basic leather to textured leather or diver’s silicone. They are made to be worn for every occasion from formal affairs to the most casual dress. Change to the right watch strap and always be appropriately dressed.

Pebble watch straps

The wrist watch didn’t become reliable until soldiers wore it while in the trenches during World War I at the beginning of the 20th century. The wrist watch grew in popularity as more and more people saw retired soldiers wearing the product after returning home. Patek Pilippe in 1868 made the first documented wrist watch for the Countess of Hungary. As the benefits of wearing a wrist watch became more obvious, in the 1880’s the Swiss watchmaker Giraud Perregaux manufactured a large number of wristwatches. These were made specifically for the German military to help facilitate the easy operation of weaponry and machinery.

From the battlefield to civilian life, the wrist watch continued to evolve. Now the Nov 15 – Pebble watch straps are making an impact on the fashion world. A formally dressed person could easily wear a crocodile grain leather watch strap in solid black, navy or brown to diner or a theater production. Stylish watch straps have also evolved to incorporate a new component called silicone. The Pebble watch strap in silicone is the perfect solution for casual situations. Wear your solid or multi-colored silicone watch strap during sporting activities like jogging and/or diving. Use the accompanying interchangeable pins to easily change straps from one color of silicone to another and if the event suggest move to a more formal looking strap.

The wrist watch has gone through such a transformation over the last few centuries. It’s currently experiencing great popularity because there are so many looks for the wearer. While the widest group of Pebble options lies in the silicone category, but buyers can still select fashionable looking metal watch straps, distressed or textured leather and suede or silicone.

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