How to Clean and De-germ Your Make-up and Accessories

Just as it is important to keep your home clean and relatively germ free so it is important to keep your make-up and accessories spic and span. Make-up, cosmetic cases and brushes can all get into a real mess if you don’t keep on top of them.

Here are a few tips from website about how to keep everything clean, germ free and ready to use.

1 – Give your brushes, applicators and sponges a wash. The bristles of a make-up brush make a splendid breeding ground perfect for bacteria. A mixture of old make-up, oils from the skin and germs from the general environment where you keep them all combine to make a germ fest. You should really wash your make-up brushes every single week in warm water and soap. Dry them with a towel and then leave them to dry naturally before using them again.

Make-up and Accessories

2 – Ditch your old make-up. Even though the majority of make-up products don’t exactly have a “use by” date it doesn’t mean that they won’t go bad. If you prefer to choose natural and organic make-ups it goes off even quicker. Get rid of your old products to make way for some new.

3 – Give your make-up bag a wash, it’s the perfect hideaway for germs, dirt and bacteria. If your make-up bag is made from cloth just throw it into the washing machine with your next batch, if it’s plastic lined give it a wipe out with a damp cloth and a little soap. A quick rub over with alcohol can also help to disinfect your bag to keep it clean for longer.

Make-up and Accessories

4 – De-clutter your bag with the products you simply don’t use. Remember that “must have” lipstick which you wore to the NYE party three years ago and haven’t touched it since? Throw it out. What about that glittery eye shadow which you just can’t seem to get to grips with or the eye liner liquid which smudges all over your face? If you don’t use it – throw it out. Empty the contents of your make-up bag and go through it piece by piece. Start off by throwing everything which you’ve had for longer than a year and then ditch the products which you never ever use – even if they still look like new.

Make-up and Accessories

5 – Dump the chemicals. Many conventional make-up and beauty products are filled with chemicals but there really is no need to fill up your make-up bag with such stuff. Ditch them and replace them with natural and organic beauty products. They are much better for the skin, better for overall health and better for the environment. If you don’t have enough cash to replace all of your make-up with natural products then do so one at a time. Every time you buy a make-up or beauty product look out for something which is naturally produced or organic.

Many people don’t think about or realize just how important it is to keep their make-up bag, brushes and products clean and germ free. Why on earth would you want to use dirty, bacteria filled make-up brushes on your face – the most delicate of skin which you pamper and treat to the best of your abilities. Why go to the trouble of daily cleansing, toning, moisturizing, weekly exfoliating and regular face packs if you are then going to apply out of date make-up with germ filled applicators. It just doesn’t make sense does it? Get into the regular habit of caring for your make-up and accessories as well as you do your face.

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