Henry Rifle for Perfect Shots

Henry is a name taken with pride and respect when it comes to firearms, especially rifles made in America. Henry is a lever action rifle made by New Haven Arms Company established way back in the 1860s by its designer and founder Benjamin Tyler Henry. This rifle was used by the Union during the Civil War because of its higher efficiency and efficacy than the carbine. In fact, soldiers given Henry rifle had a feeling of pride because it was considered a much superior firearm at that time. Government purchased around 3000 units for the soldiers in cavalry units but preferred Spencer repeating rifles over Henry because of suspected fragility of Henry rifles. According to an estimate, more Henry rifles were purchased by soldiers themselves than the government. Today, the modern versions of this rifle are manufactured by Henry Repeating Arms and A Uberti Firearms.


Henry could shoot 16 rounds at a time, making it the envy of the southern soldiers during the Civil War. They referred to as Yankee rifle that could shoot all week long after being loaded on Sunday. Those were the times when a soldier was expected to fire on an average 3 rounds per minute. Henry proved to be more than a handful with its lever action design. It actually laid the foundation for long guns in the country that stands till today, more than 150 years later. Even if the Confederate soldiers captured a few of these wonderful rifles, they had little use of this firearm because of the unavailability of the metallic cartridges in the southern states. However, there are confirmed reports that this rifle was used in many units of the Confederate army during the civil war.

Henry was a brass framed rifle that could fire successfully at a very high rate when used correctly. This was the reason why soldiers thought it was a good investment with the money they saved during their service. They believed Henry rifle could save their life during a dangerous situation. Henry Rifle utilized a .44 calibre cartridge containing about 1.8g of black powder. This meant that this rifle produced much less muzzle velocity and therefore energy than the lever action rifles of the time. Despite this fact, Henry remained a darling of the soldiers and the common people because of its success in firing and the ability to shoot 16 rounds at a time after loading.

There are many reasons why you should find a Henry rifle for sale over other firearms for whatever reason why you want to keep a rifle. The top reason why Americans still want to buy this antique rifle after a century is because of the pride associated with this rifle. It is proudly made in America. This fact is emphasized by a commercial on the website of the company where an angry man is shown throwing everything imported from his house. Not much is left in the house by the time he is done. But he is finally shown holding his Henry Rifle in his hand.

Other than patriotism, the most important reason why you should buy a Henry rifle is its high degree of accuracy. Even though the technology is quite old, this lever action rifle is highly accurate giving the owner a lot of confidence when confronted with danger. Another reason for going for this accurate rifle is its smoothness. Loading and firing using this firearm is so smooth that you can do it all with just one of your finger. It feels like using a well oiled machine when the rifle is maintained in a good condition.

Cleaning Henry rifle after use is so easy and quick that you are ready to use the rifle within a few minutes. Yes, Henry Rifle is one of the easiest and quickest to be cleaned rifles. You can take out just one screw from the liver and easily clean your Henry Rifle. Not only is this but even the recoil of this rifle low. This means you never get tired even if you have to use it constantly or for a long period of time.

With so many qualities and features, it only makes sense for you to look for a Henry Rifle for sale.

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