Hair Straightener is Best Brazilian Hair Extention

The Professional Hair Straightener by Joile Amour is a 100% salon grade flat iron. Thus meaning it is one of the highest quality hair straighteners on the market right now. Designed with a matte black ceramic finish, this Professional Hair Straightener was geared towards getting a precise flat iron on any hair type.

How To Use It:

Start by removing the flat iron from the box and placing it on a flat surface to ensure that it does not slip off.

Next plug the flat iron into the nearest outlet and set the temperature dial in between 300-400 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.


Let the Professional Hair Straightener heat up for about five minutes while brushing or combing through the desired section of hair that is being straightened. Also applying a heat protectant spray or oil to the hair to ensure that no heat damage occurs.

Once five minutes is up and the desired section of hair has been thoroughly brushed or combed through take the Professional Hair Straightener starting at the roots of the hair and glide slowly through the hair ensuring every stand has been ironed.

If every piece has not been ironed make sure to do another thorough brushing and combing of the section and glide through once more with the Professional Hair Straightener.

Now that the section is nice and straightened you can continue to do the rest of your head in the same format.

Once done with the whole head, style to your liking. By the way, this Hair Straightener is your best choice if you want to do brazilian hair extensions.

Gently turn off and unplug the Professional Hair Straightener while unattended to avoid any dangerous circumstances.

When the Professional Hair Straightener has cooled to room temperature, place it back in the box to ensure its safety and longevity.

At last enjoy your stylish flat ironed hair done in the comfort of your on home by the Professional Hair Straightener by Joile Amour.

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