Elegant Rings

Gold and silver – in specific – have an attractive impact on human mind since the past eras! Both men and women have collective jewelry made of the expensive metal since the historic times. Kings, queens, princes, princesses and their kinsmen – around the world – have piled up large stacks of jewelry for their personal usage and luxury. This fashion seems to be no end even with the serious change of the times. Human love for gold and other expensive stones and metals is, all the more, intact in the modern times. As such, jewelry businesses become one of the major corporate around the world today. There are many nations – both big and small – for whom this business is the most important source of earning foreign currencies.

However, at the micro level, gold, silver and other expensive metals and stones are measured as a major source of investment. But, request of gold and expensive stones, above everything else, in decking up men and women stands highest. As such, the cost of a single piece of gold jewelry is measure in hundreds of dollars. Therefore, it is essential to establish the quality of jewelry, in terms of quantity of the expensive metal present in the elegant rings in USA, or some other item. Here are some techniques where you can sure about the quality of gold or silver.

Scratching glass technique

Take the opposite side of jewelry and scratch it with piece of glass. There will not any scratch mark If the amount of gold is high. But if there will be scratch mark then you sure that quality of metal in jewelry is fake. This is simple way to test in wide range of jewelry item and costume jewelry necklaces.

Determine the karat grade

You can use a magnifying glass for check the karat grade of jewelry. For example, everything of pure gold is marked by 24 karat or 24k. Other fake varieties have 18k, 14k and 12k, etc. markings. You can easily determine Gold Elegant rings by this test. There are related markings for silver items as well. A marking of S.S. specifies the jewelry is of genuine silver, whereas, S.P. specifies it is silver plated!

Magnetic field

Some time it’s happens that Costume Jewelry Necklaces and other jewelry items are made of alloys. You can check by placed a magnet near these, magnet attract the jewelry items. This is second simple way to determine the purity of jewelry.

However, there are many other ways to check the purity of the metals. But they are for experts, or else, because they will permanently damaging when they tested by non-experts.

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